10 NFT Keywords You Need To Know

Blockchain technology’s draw as a decentralized system gears it to be the next most influential technological development after social media. To guide you in this emerging new world, Taipei Dangdai selects ten keywords about NFT art that you need to know.

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Art Advisors in the New Market

Art fairs are arenas where multiple galleries compete, not only attracting collectors but also constructing a networking ground for professional curators and art advisors. If you are looking for a shortcut in the journey of collecting, a stimulating conversation with an art advisor at the Fair could very well be amongst the surprises awaiting your visit.

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The Platform as Discourse

From amongst the sheer multiplicity of information online about the blockchain ecosystem, we take a closer look at three NFT platforms that stand out, each heavy hitters with different approaches to this burgeoning medium. What they all share: a conviction in the lasting value of NFT art.

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The Ways of Living With Art

”It is only by living in our spaces well that we have the potential to be moved by art. Only then might we truly understand the beauty of art in the realm of life.“ – Idan Chiang, L’ATELIER FANTASIA.

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