Launch Stage

Adding a new online sector to the Fair for 2022, Launch Stage invites highly curated platforms for digital art to showcase individual artist projects representative of distinct positions in the field, ranging from generative and interactive art to formal experiments and critical discourse. This year, participating platforms include Feral File, Art Blocks, Outland, and SOYL. Launch Stage will be presented across a dedicated mini-site on the Taipei Dangdai website exhibiting works from all four platforms simultaneously, and each work will be launched live from the fair in Taipei.

Ideas Forum

For 2022, the theme of the Ideas Forum will think through the “Escape into Understanding,” the different gears that we are asked to shift through as we use lanes for dramatically different speeds in the world today: the high speed of digital communication as well as the low gears of locality that are cultivated by phenomena like lengthy quarantine policies. The title is drawn from media theorist Marshall McLuhan, who warned that “To high-speed change no adjustment is possible … we must escape into understanding.”

Taipei Platform

Returning for a second year, Taipei Platform consists of collaborations with partners in media and the non-profit sector, with a focus on experimental interactive events. Workshops will be led by Walking Grass Agriculture, ARTouch, CANS, HAGAI, La Vie, SOYL, Initium Media, OFF-SITE and FENKO Catalysis Chamber.

Guided Tour

Taipei Dangdai offers one guided tour to introduce the historical and international significance of the fair highlights. 

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