Before Thunders: An Exhibition of Taiwanese Artists|雷前-臺灣藝術家群展

A special exhibition co-hosted by Taipei Dangdai and the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan, will present the work of ten Taiwanese artists and artists living in Taiwan in the context of the fair. All four of the exhibition’s curators, Zian Chen, Martin Germann, Esther Lu, and Binghao Wong, participated in the Taipei Dangdai Ideas Forum in 2023, and return to Taipei this year in 2024 to present their research into the state of art in Taiwan over the past year. The curators have chosen to title the exhibition “Before Thunders” after the recent Hualien earthquakes and the broader potential for human and environmental catastrophe through which artists build their practices. Works in the exhibition refer to the collapse of the built environment and natural surroundings, as well as to specific histories including textile industries and island ecosystems.
Participating artists: Chang Wen-Hsuan, Chiu Chen-Hung, Hsu Chia-Wei, Kang Ya-Chu, Luo Jr-Shin,  Raha Raissnia, Rawus Tjuljaviya, Su Yu-Hsin, Su Yu-Xin, Wu Chi-Yu.
參與藝術家:張紋瑄、邱承宏、許家維、康雅筑、羅智信、Raha Raissnia、張恩滿、蘇郁心、蘇予昕、吳其育

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