Taipei Dangdai featured a number of installations in the public spaces throughout the Fair in 2019.                                                                                    The Installations Sector is a curated exhibition of large-scale installation works that go beyond the scope of the art fair booth and feature throughout the fair.

I Tree to Call you

John Yuyi (b. 1991, Taipei)

Live tree, temporary tattoo stickers

Site-specific, dimension variable


Presented by Gallery Vacancy

100 Faces of Youth

Chou Shih Hsiung (b. 1989, Taipei)

Oil in Pesrpex, self-propelled mechanical, automatic control system, steel rail, metal oil drum.

1152 X 600 x 413 cm


Presented by Each Modern

Antiquity-Like Rubbish Research & Development Syndicate

Yeh Wei-Li (b. 1971, Taipei)

1. Free-Standing Sculpture: 357cm(W) x 88cm(L) x 155cm(H)
2. Multi-Leveled Wooden Glass Cabinetry x3, each size: 180cm(W) x46cm(L) x 245cm(H)
3. Metal & Wood Table With Toy with Wood Block Construction: 180cm(W) x 60cm(L) x 80cm(H)
4. Free Standing Light-Box Stacked Column x2, each size: 110cm(W) x 110cm(L) x 275cm(H)
5. Wooden Lightbox Display Table and Stand x4, each size: 120cm(W) x 100cm(L) x 60cm(H)
6. Free Standing Sculpture on Floor with Clear Marked Framed Borders: 175cm(W) x 175cm(L) x 60cm(H)
7. Receptionist Table With Two Chairs: 120cm(W) x 100cm(L) x 60cm(H)


Presented by Hanart TZ Gallery

Breadman’s Automation

Bagus Pandega (b. 1985, Jakarta)

Guitar, Brass, Copper, Amplifier, Cymbal Stand, Motor, Electric Systems, and LED

Variable dimensions


Beetle Sphere Orange (Ed. 2/5)

Ichwan Noor (b. 1963, Jakarta)

Aluminium Painted & Original Parts VW Beetle 1953

180 x 180 x 205 cm


Presented by ROH Projects


Liu Chihhung (b. 1985, Hsinchu)

Neon Lights(color: warm white), Iron structure, Transformers.

L350 x W350 (xH50) cm


Presented by nca|nichido contemporary art

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