The Galleries Sector presents leading galleries from Taiwan, Asia and the rest of the world selected on the basis of the curatorial consistency of their exhibition program and the calibre of the artists that they represent.


Young Galleries

In 2019 the Young Galleries sector presents 4 galleries that have been operating for less than 8 years at the time of the fair. These galleries have been selected on the basis of the quality and consistency of their overall programming and is intended as a stepping stone for younger galleries of promise to showcase the full breadth of their program.



The Solos Sector showcases single artist presentations by both young and established artists, and historical artists from 20th Century. 



Navigating the art world can sometimes be an intimidating experience. To encourage new collectors, the Salon Sector will present works priced at US$ 8,000 or below to demonstrate that quality can be found at every price-point. Full details of the content of this sector will be announced in December.


The Media Sector will showcase leading print and digital media relating to art, culture, design and innovation. For enquiries please contact:


In addition to a global exhibitor line-up, TAIPEI DANGDAI aims to re-assert the connection between art and the world through posing questions about the past, present and future of both art and the broader world to which creativity and expression relate. In our Ideas Program thought leaders from various fields from archaeology, art history, contemporary culture, urban planning, environmentalism, finance, science and technology will discuss the context for where we are now, and present their thoughts on possible future directions. Further details of the program will be shared in late 2018.

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