Taipei Connections

There is no replacement for coming together in Taipei, but Taipei Dangdai is working to bring our galleries and guests together online throughout the year over both Art and Ideas. We launched our online initiatives in April 2020 with Taipei Connections, a new digital platform developed in collaboration with Ocula, for which galleries who participated in the 2020 fair from Taipei, Asia, and beyond prepared a selection of highlights from their program to share specially with our guests in Taipei.

Taipei Connections was the first step in an ongoing effort to engage our galleries and guests through digital platforms, and is augmented by content from our Ideas Forum as well as the Decoding Art series. Over the duration of Taipei Connections, the platform welcomed more than 75,000 views, one-third of which came from Taiwan and more than one-quarter of which were new to Taipei Dangdai.

Live-Streaming Program

The Taipei Connections live-streaming program was particularly well-received. Attracting more than 25,000 viewers, the series included a Q&A with the fair co-directors, a virtual studio visit with artist Wu Chi-Tsung, exhibition walkthroughs of Erwin Wurm’s show at Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and a conversation between collectors Alain Servais, Benedicta Badia, and Cindy Chua-Tay moderated by Sabrina Amrani, among many others.

Opening Talk | Taipei Connections: Welcome and Walkthrough with Fair Directors

Fair Co-Director | Robin Peckham (EN/CN)
Fair Co-Founder & Co-Director | Magnus Renfrew (EN)

Gallery Walkthrough | Hong Kong Exhibition Tours
Experience live tours of exhibitions presenting a cross-section of Hong Kong’s active and diverse gallery scene.

Alisan Fine Arts | Daphne King Yao (Alisan Fine Arts), Shuang Hibberd (Alisan Fine Arts) (EN/CN)
Over the Influence | Julliana Choi (Over the Influence) (EN)
White Cube | Yuyun Chiang (White Cube) (CN)

Exhibition Walkthrough | Walkthrough of Erwin Wurm “One Minute in Taipei” at Taipei Fine Arts Museum
An exclusive walkthrough of Erwin Wurm’s current exhibition in Taipei – exploring the relationship between sculpture, performance, and every day contemporary culture. *One Minute Sculptures Demonstration (17.40-pm – 18.10pm)

Lehmann Maupin | Erwin Wurm (EN), Shasha Tittmann (Lehmann Maupin) (EN/CN), Jerome Sans (Curator) (EN)

Moderated Talk | On Pathos
Join a group of artists and curators speaking on pathos in painting through the work of Anselm Kiefer, Zhao Gang, Lu Song, and Tang Jo-Hung.

Each Modern | Zhao Gang | Yaji Huang (Each Modern), Sean Gaffney (Each Modern) (EN/CN)
Mind Set Art Center | Tang Jo-Hung | Tang Jo-Hung, Jake Chen (Mind Set Art Center) (EN/CN)
Massimo De Carlo | Lu Song | Lu Song, Karen Smith (Curator), Claudia Albertini (Massimo De Carlo) (EN/CN)
BASTIAN | Anselm Kiefer | Chris Craig (BASTIAN) (EN)

Studio Tour | Insider – Wu Chi-Tsung Studio Visit
Up close visit the studio with artist Wu Chi-Tsung: Get to know how he creates here, and his internationally-minded prospects of the studio.

Galerie du Monde and Sean Kelly | Wu Chi-Tsung (EN)

Moderated Talk | On Humor
Hear from and about a group of artists who use humor and pleasure in their work, including Xu Qu, Jian Yi-Hong, Chen Wei, Kong Chun Hei and Adel Abdessemed.

Each Modern | Xu Qu | Sean Gaffney (Each Modern) (EN)
Michael Ku Gallery | Jian Yi-Hong | Jian Yi-Hong, Michael Ku (Michael Ku Gallery) (CN)
Ota Fine Arts | Chen Wei | Chen Wei (CN)
TKG+ | Kong Chun Hei | Shelly Wu (TKG+) (CN)
Art Front Gallery | Adel Abdessemed | JungHee Hong (Art Front Gallery) (EN)

Moderated Talk | Fairs and Galleries Today
Join gallery directors and fair directors in thinking through how fairs and galleries are working together online and offline in the current climate.

Lévy Gorvy | Danqing Li (Lévy Gorvy), Serena Chien (Lévy Gorvy) (EN/CN)
Hauser & Wirth | Lihsin Tsai (Hauser & Wirth) (EN/CN)

Moderated Talk | On Color
Be immersed in color and sensibility with a visit to the studio of Etsu Egami, Mao Yo Wen and Hu Weiyi, along with Günther Förg and Bosco Sodi’s solo exhibition.

Whitestone Gallery | Etsu Egami | Etsu Egami (EN/CN)
182ARTSPACE | Mao Yo Wen | Mao Yo Wen (CN)
HdM Gallery | Hu Weiyi | Hu Weiyi (CN)
Edouard Malingue | Günther Förg | Lorraine Kiang Malingue (Edouard Malingue) (EN/CN)
Axel Vervoordt Gallery | Bosco Sodi | HG Masters (ArtAsiaPacific), Mariko Kawashima (Axel Vervoordt Gallery) (EN)

Exhibition Walkthrough | Global Gallery Tour
Visit galleries in Beijing, Kyoto and Vienna for a view into how galleries are handling programming this spring.

Sokyo Gallery | Atsumi Fujita (Sokyo Gallery) (EN)
Galerie Krinzinger | Michael Rienzner (Galerie Krinzinger) (EN)

Moderated Talk | Collecting Art in Challenging Times
A panel discussion between three collectors based in Europe and Asia and the owner of Sabrina Amrani Gallery, to discuss the challenges, approaches and solutions collectors follow during difficult times.

Sabrina Amrani | Alain Servais (collector), Benedicta Badia (collector), Cindy Chua-Tay (collector), Sabrina Amrani (Sabrina Amrani) (EN)

Moderated Talk | Join Scholars’ Talk on Ai Weiwei
Dr. Christina Yu Yu, Chair of Asian Art at the MFA Boston and Dr. John Tancock, the author of several books on Ai Weiwei, will discuss the artist’s work with regard to the refugee crisis, his focus on human rights, and how the current pandemic makes his mission even more relevant.

Chambers Fine Art | Dr. Christina Yu Yu (MFA Boston), Dr. John Tancock (Author) (EN)

Exhibition and Studio Walkthrough| Heritage-Island, Continued
Understand four artists who push forward references to art history in different ways.

Asia Art Center | Chuang Che | Emily Su (Asia Art Center) (EN/CN)
Liang Gallery | Lee Chung-Chung | Lee Chung-Chung, Claudia Chen (Liang Gallery) (CN)
A2Z Art Gallery | Bao Vuong | Bao Vuong, Anthony Phuong (A2Z Art Gallery) (EN)
Tina Keng Gallery | Chen Chun-Hao | Chen Chun-Hao (CN)

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