N02 | Fenko Catalysis Chamber

Paper, metal, mixed media
720 x 720 x 510 cm

Presented by Fenko Catalysis Chamber

Facilitated by water, fibres come together to form what is known as paper. Interactions between light, the fibres, and the shadows they cast emphasize the variations in paper, and demonstrate the unpredictability of the natural materials from which paper is made. Flaws like these are an authentic aspect of all things.

In Flawness, Fenko Catalysis Chamber has given this notion of the flaw a prominent role.

The work presents paper qua paper, not merely accepting—but also celebrating—its organic properties and flaws as natural rather than undesirable. Paper in the work faithfully reflects the accidental in human behavior. Every process, including extruding, folding, pounding, and rubbing, creates traces attesting to the paper’s ever changing features through the flow of time.

Fenko Catalysis Chamber was invited by Taipei Dangdai Art & Ideas to create this installation at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Fenko’s aim is to respond to the hard edges and immensity of the presentation venue with a distinct space featuring the delicate qualities of paper, and with its many layers and open spaces, construct a whimsical fantasyland.

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