N02 Dreambox

2012, Wolf125 motorcycle, motors, metal construction, steel, wire, censor, transformer, 244 x 386 x 386cm

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Ruey-Shiann Shyu


Presented by Double Square Gallery

Currently lives and works in Taipei and New York. Shyu launched the mechanical power series in 1997 and since then it has been the main venue for his artistic expression. He sees it as a challenge to combine the usage of precision technology with plastic aesthetics. Through various rhythms in the work based on precise mechanical theories, he tries to tell stories from his cultural background with a poetic approach.

He views the absolute precision of mechanical movements as an abstract language. This abstract language may convey a living philosophy which even transcends the visual image of the work. He uses mechanical elements both as a creative media and as a deeper exploration of the meaning of life. Artistic creation makes it possible for machines to be infused with living energy through the rhythm created from the combination of precise components and repetitive mechanical motions.

For him, the creation of a work is more than just an extension of his personal feelings for life; it is also a vivid representation of the vitality of the individual elements that make up the work.

Ruey-Shiann Shyu

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