I Tree to Call You

John Yuyi (b. 1991, Taipei)

Live tree, temporary tattoo stickers

Site-specific, dimension variable


Presented by Gallery Vacancy

Born in Taiwan in 1991 and originally named CHIANG, Yuyi, Yuyi graduated from Shih Chien University in Taipei with a degree in Fashion Design and now works in Taipei and New York. John Yuyi has become another avatar, parallel to the artist’s true self and reflected in the ambiguous and whimsical qualities of her artistic practice which is based on the internet social media, emoji aesthetics, brand marketing under consumerism, and the Internet-celebrity phenomenon. It highlights the artist’s self-recognition in our society and the individual image-molding in the virtual world, revealing her artistic thinking on body and identity, and presenting the aesthetics and the sense of humor derived from the Internet Generation. Yuyi was widely invited by international brands for creative campaigns and commercials projects by Gucci, Nike and Maison Margiela. John Yuyi has had her most recent solo exhibition in Gallery Vacancy in Shanghai and her work has also been exhibited in Los Angeles and New York City in 2018.

Photo courtesy of Gallery Vacancy

I Tree to Call You, 2018 is a live-tree installation work set up in an artificial indoor environment with tattoo transfers, which are made by John Yuyi from her text messages with friends, printed on the leaves on the tree.The variety of transfer stickers represents multiple roles played in different relationships that rapidly change over time. The randomly fallen leaves give a similar sense of emotional moments—anxious, desirous and undefined when we encounter people we care about. New things won’t come until the old ones are gone. Throughout the process of installing the tree, Yuyi found her remedy in occupying each of the leaves by her self-expressions. The carried messages on the fallen leaves then become an aphorism in the destiny of someone else in another relationship.

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