may, 2023

12may3:00 pm3:45 pmRSVP Fully Booked | 預約名額已滿The Art of Restoration: A Timeless Dialogue with Classic Masterpieces through the Gaze of Preservation | 凝望的姿態-修復工藝與經典之作的世紀對話Onsite Event | 展會現場貴賓活動3:00 pm - 3:45 pm Taipei Dangdai Fantasia Lounge | 台北當代繽紛設計貴賓廳


The Art of Restoration: A Timeless Dialogue with Classic Masterpieces through the Gaze of Preservation | 凝望的姿態-修復工藝與經典之作的世紀對話




TSJ Art Restoration傳承歐洲經典修復工藝,以準確脈絡分析及精確科學流程,協助羅丹、村上隆、趙無極、朱德群、陳澄波等大師作品,重現塵封美感脈動。近年推動的「百廟門企劃SDGP」,更讓門神,彩繪等文物展現獨有構思、細節,傳述逐漸流失的文化記憶,形塑在地藝術原貌。TSJ創辦人蔡舜任將以修復師視角,分享如何自西方文藝復興經典,學習解讀諸多視而不見的藝術細節,拉近看到到看懂的距離。


蔡舜任, 國際藝術修復師



Contemporary art: an exploration of subjective consciousness and aesthetics, where personal collections serve as an extension of one’s thoughts. We constantly seek to achieve the perfect fusion of art and high-quality living through multi-faceted discussions such as lighting display, spatial planning, and aesthetic integration. When art is combined with space, it is essential to accurately showcase its profound value and explore the knowledge domain of art restoration and preservation. TSJ Art Restoration upholds the classic restoration techniques of Europe, employing accurate contextual analysis and precise scientific procedures to revive the dusty beauty of masterpieces by artists such as Auguste Rodin, Takashi Murakami, Zhao Wuji, Chu Teh Chun, and Chen Cheng-Po. In recent years, the “Baimei Gate Enterprise Plan SDGP” has been launched, showcasing cultural relics such as door gods and painted sculptures with unique designs and intricate details, conveying gradually vanishing cultural memories and restoring the original appearance of local art. TSJ founder Leo Tsai, from the perspective of a restoration artist, will share how to interpret many unseen artistic details and bridge the gap between what one sees and understands by learning and applying the classical techniques of Western Renaissance art.

Guest Speaker

Leo Tsai, International Conservator-Restorers


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Limited Capacity – Access with Taipei Dangdai Digital VIP Pass, RSVP Essential


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(Friday) 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm


Taipei Dangdai Fantasia Lounge | 台北當代繽紛設計貴賓廳

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