BELLAVITA VIP SERVICE | 寶麗廣塲 台北當代藝術貴賓禮遇服務

29aprAll Day15mayBELLAVITA VIP SERVICE | 寶麗廣塲 台北當代藝術貴賓禮遇服務Partner VIP Service | 合作夥伴貴賓服務(All Day) No. 28, Songren Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City | 台北市信義區松仁路28號


BELLAVITA VIP SERVICE | 寶麗廣塲 台北當代藝術貴賓禮遇服務


BELLAVITA寶麗廣塲為全台首座以提供美好生活為概念購物商場,位於大台北時尚商圈及交通樞紐的中心,以獨特的歐式設計空間、綠色自然造景、經典品牌名店、 星級餐廳,以及藝術人文環境為名,讓貴賓以優閒的生活節奏來感受生命中各種面向之美。

今年度,BELLAVITA將為台北當代貴賓安排極致尊榮的購物體驗。憑台北當代貴賓通行證,享有BELLAVITA 專櫃專人預約鑑賞、星級餐廳訂位及外籍人士私人快速退稅服務。



BELLAVITA represents one of the most fantastic bespoke Luxury malls in Taipei, Taiwan. It created a breakthrough in luxury retailing by designing an extremely beautiful environment, with key considerations of artistic lifestyle and space. It is located in the designated Xinyi Special Zone District, where many luxury fashion retailers and the logistics hub are situated. BELLAVITA’s designers looked into space planning, green natural landscaping, bespoke luxury boutiques, fine cuisine restaurants, and arts, all only for the creation of a wonderful experience for the privileged clientele.

This year, BELLAVITA arranges an extremely honorable shopping experience for the VIPs of Taipei Dangdai. With the Taipei Dangdai VIP Pass, you can enjoy BELLAVITA counter appointments, reservations for star-rated restaurants, and private express tax refund services.

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Event Type | 活動入場方式

Open Access with Email Reservation |自由入場,憑台北當代通行證享VIP禮遇服務,須預約登記


Event Contact | 活動聯繫
+886 2-8729-2771






April 29 (Saturday) - May 15 (Monday)



No. 28, Songren Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City | 台北市信義區松仁路28號

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