I01 Ultimate Space

LED, junk fishing lamps, motor, fog machine, laser, dimensions variable, 2018

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Jihyun Boo

(b. 1979, Korea)


The title comes from the architectural concept pursued by the architect Swoo-geun Kim (1931-1986). ‘Ultimate space’ implies the ‘third space’, in other words the marginal space that makes the spiritual existence of humans abundant such as creation or meditation, not the ‘first space’ for survival nor the ‘second space’ for production or economic activity. <Ultimate Space> is an installation piece that encompasses the exhibition hall, constructed with red light, fog, exhausted fishing lights and so on. The imaginary space created through light and fog gradually separates the viewers from daily life and evokes a mysterious atmosphere. The meditational and refined space that seems as if time has stopped offers a new environment according to the viewing spot or eye level and the viewers can have an unexpected experience as if swimming in water or floating in space. The sporadically installed fishing lights act as the only connection between the daily life outside of the exhibition hall and the ultimate space inside. Also the fishing lights that continue to move slowly up and down grant an exquisite liveliness to the silent place.

Photo Courtesy of ARARIO GALLERY

Ultimate Space
LED, junk fishing lamps, motor, fog machine, laser
Dimensions variable 

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